DemoS Living Lab

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What is the DemoS Living Lab?

The DemoS Living Lab is a joint initiative between students and researchers of the AMS Institute, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the HalloStrandeiland foundation. Living labs are research-led projects that embed themselves in the real-world and seek to address real-world challenges in innovative ways. This Living Lab is focused on citizen empowerment and participation in urban planning processes. We believe that citizens have a right to the city and play a crucial role in the transitions to a more sustainable future!

The DemoS Manifesto

We aim to create opportunities for citizens to directly influence their environment. Active citizenship and spatial democracy lie at the core of the inclusive sustainable and dynamic city. Reclaim your voice, the city is yours

Parliament of Place

In regular public participation by municipalities, input is collected among citizens but then processed by civil servants. The Parliament of Place is a method that is based on consensus instead of compromise: participants learn to express their own ideas and to listen to the ideas of their peers. Through the phases of exploring, imagining, assembling and action, a PoP session transforms individual opinions into one shared perspective.


The FreeSpace is one way a city can empower citizens to more directly influence their environment. The FreeSpace is a physical space embedded in the urban plan, that is governed by citizens using the PoP method. It is a demarcated empty area which can be used for temporary interventions that are co-created by citizens. This temporary aspect makes the FreeSpace dynamic. Its function changes with the needs of the citizens in the neighbourhood.

DemoS Play

The ‘Our Parliament’ worksheet is a variation on the DemoS Parliament of Place (PoP) method. This is an educational tool to contribute to the new Strandeiland in IJburg. The worksheet embodies a translation of the DemoS Parliament of Place method for a more broad and family friendly audience.


The Living Lab has taken place from September 2019 untill May 2020. The research was set up in four phases: research & pilot, development, implementation, and the exhibition. A descripton of the research and the results can be found here.

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